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AMF Mega Recovery works well on longer and heavier volumes of oil. The Clutch Peal works well on longer light-medium patterns or short medium patterns.
Brunswick Evil Siege ball offer strong mid-land motion whilst being very aggressive on the backend for better carry. The C 4.5 has a lower friction factor, enabling a bowler to use a break point farther down the lane for improved pin action. For more info visit Brunswick Bowling.
Elite The Elite Sabotage is best for players looking for a ball that can be thrown away from the pocket and recover decisively in the back-end of the lane. Works well on light to medium oil. For more info visit Brunswick Bowling.
Hammer The New Backlash replaces the Razyr in the Hammer range. It is designed to give the bowler excellent control and a smooth breakpoint on medium-dry conditions. The Red/Purple version of this ball is designed for easier length and less traction in oil. It is designed for drier lane conditions.
Lane 1 The Big Curve is suited to longer and heavier oil conditions.
Motive Released in July 2010 the RX1 is ideally suited for light oil or shorter oil patterns. It is 4000 grit sanded. For more info visit Motiv Bowling.
Rotogrip With increased surface topography and greater co-efficient of friction, the Riot ball provides strong reaction on patterns with medium to heavy volumes of conditioner. It has a Photon Core and Ultimate Vision solid reactive coverstock. For more info visit Roto Grip.
Storm July 21 2010 saw the release of the 2Fast and 2Furious balls. The 2Fast is designed to create a smoother glide to the breakpoint whilse the 2Furious is finished to provide better traction. The new Prodigy ball has a 4000 finish to ensure a clean glide through the heads. For more info visit Storm Bowling.
Track The new 715C is the big brother of the 505C. It is a more aggressive ball that still offers control at the break point. It features the GEN4C coverstock and an assyemetrical Catback core and is sanded with 2000-grit Abralon. Teh 607A Special Edition is positioned between the 505A and the 715A.For more info visit Track Bowling.
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